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Goldendoodles are a hybrid dog. True to the breed they exhibit "hybrid vigour". Which describes their burst of fertility, good health and growth that is seen in the progeny when two unrelated breeds are mated. Goldendoodles are incredibly social and lovable. They love people, children, and adults alike; as well as other animals.

We raise F1b Goldendoodles.  This generation of dog is created as a result of breeding a F1 (Standard Poodle/ Golden Retriever) to a standard poodle.  The resulting dog is, on average, 1/4 Golden Retriever and 3/4 Poodle.  This breeding practice results in a low to non-shedding and allergy friendly dog.  There are three different coats; curly, shaggy, and smooth.    The curly coat has curls from the tip of the nose to the tail.  Shaggy coats are wavy, and grow in all directions.  The smooth coast looks most like a traditional Golden Retriever. Smooth coats are likely to shed more than curly or wavy coats.  Yet, still yields minimal shedding.  Golden Doodles do require routine grooming. The coat is considered moderate to high care.  Standard Goldendoodle are typically weigh between 50-70 lbs.  and grow to 24-26 inches tall at top of back.

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