Windy Hill Doodles


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About Us

We are a retired couple who love animals.  We live in the country, North of Columbia, Missouri.  This has allowed us to have a menagerie of pets we hold near and dear. We have a dog, several horses, a pony, and some kittens.  We have raised dogs in the past; focusing attention to the breed of Irish Setter. 

About two years ago we were introduced to the hybrid doodle.  We instantly were drawn the dog’s sweet nature, vigour, and beauty.  It was then we decided to add a “doodle” to our animal family.  However, we were unable to pick just one!  They are sooo cute.    So we picked two and today they are known as “the Girls”.  Our doodles are part of our family.  The “Girls” enjoy a lot of playtime with grandchildren and our Irish Setter, “Buddy”.

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