Windy Hill Doodles


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Previous Puppies

Thanks to all the great Families that have send us photos of our puppies all grown up!

“Eddie is about 7 mos. old and weighs 60 lbs. He is a great dog, very smart and great with the kids. We are all so happy to have him.”

"Elmo is about 52lbs right now. He is very energetic and eager to please. He loves to have a "job," whether it be playing fetch or carrying a stick on his walks! He is extremely intelligent and learns quickly. He is also great with my 3 children and our 13 year old golden retriever. My 11 year old daughter calls him "pure joy!"

"Elvis loves spending time in Forest Park. As you predicted, he is turning into a great dog. I took him for basic dog training at Petsmart and he easily caught-on to the concepts / commands. He is extremely social with humans and is improving each day in the way he interacts with other dogs."

"Erin is a great dog very affectionate and playful."

Abby & Anthony 9/5/12 Litter

Princess & Anthony 9/5/12 Litter

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