Windy Hill Doodles


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The "Girls"

The “Girls” are F1 (half standard poodle and golden retriever) and are sisters.  They were born in November of 2010. They are registered with the American Canine Hybrid Club.  Both doodles are a delight!  They have gaits that look like a prancing pony.  The “girls” love to carry toys in their mouths; epically if it squeaks!  They seek approval (eager to please) and are very loving.  They love our grandkids and can’t wait to get out and play.

Princess Lilly (Princess) is sweet and reserved.  She is always looking to please and for something to pick up and bring to you as a gift.  She weight 60 lbs. and is 24” tall to the top of her back (withers).

Lady Abbergale (Abby) is the more energetic and outgoing.  She loves to run and play and is very smart.  She weighs 50 lbs. and is 24” tall to the top of her withers.

Luci Lu is the youngest of our three girls. She is a half-sister to Abby and Princess.  She is very loving and always want to be by your side especially if you talking to or petting her. She listens and learns fast, content to never leave the yard, stays close you call her and she will run to see what you wants.  She weighs 65 lbs. and is 26” tall to the top of her withers.

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